Thursday, 12 March 2015

Fabulous Friday

Hi all, Happy Fabulous Friday to you! I know it's been a long time between posts so time for a catch up!So, Sticky's results are I'm which show nothing! She doesn't have celiac but does have heightened inflammation markers and low antibody readings. Given she's been sick for most of the year, I'm not surprised at the low antibody readings. However, none of this explains the weight loss so we're off to the pediatrician.

This week, you wouldn't now she has a weight problem. Yesterday, I got a call at work from her child care asking me to double the amount of food I was taking in. Today, she took 2 mini muffins, 2 slices of tuna pasta bake, berries, dried fruit, apple, yoghurt, 2 slices of ham, 4 slices of cheese and a bottle of milk. Apparently she was much happier with all of that but eating so much meant she didn't want dinner tonight, but she skulled down 2 bottles of milk!

I think she is just naturally slim and will yo-yo with her weight. She always has a massive increase in appetite when she has a growth spurt and I think that's what's happening at the moment. I'm hoping she gets a bit more strength so she feels more confident with her standing. While other kids her age are running past her, she's still content to crawl along. Given she's nearly 14 months, I'd like to see some indication she's interested in at least standing by herself but not as yet. I guess like every other milestone, she'll do it when she feels like it. 

In other news my husband and I had our first night away from her last weekend. It was nice just to spend time together but off course we had to stop ourselves from just talking about her! I called my parents after dinner to see how she was and she was totally fine. I was happy but also sad she wasn't missing me. Having a child you can leave with people and they have a ball is an excellent thing, I guess I'm just the one having the problem cutting the strings!

So, while life is crazy hectic, we're doing well. After a difficult start to the year, we're finally all healthy, feeling strong and regrouping as a family. It feels like it's been a tough 4 months since my mother in law passed away but we're finally back on track. And that is something truly fabulous!

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