Monday, 30 April 2012

Bootie call

I bought a set of baby booties today. Don’t ask me why. I was pushing my shopping trolley through the supermarket, randomly throwing in the groceries and then I came to the baby aisle. At first I stopped. There was no need to go down there. It’s in the same aisle as the toothpaste and medicine so I didn’t need floss or cough medicine. And yet, for some unknown reason, I ended up walking down there.

I stopped in front of the baby clothes. Tiny little shoes, socks, bibs and singlets. I picked up a set of white knitted booties with little ducks embroidered on the front. The size said 0 to 3 months. I cupped them in my hand and amazed at the fact they would fit such little feet.

I considered buying them. Of course there was no reason to. But I ummed and ahhed between them and some other little velcro sneakers. I figured the booties wouldn’t cost as much so what was the harm.

I must admit that as I stood there, and people walked past me, I thought they must be thinking she has a baby. Or that I was buying a baby present. Seeming as I walked past the baby bottles, dummies and nappies, I’m sure they probably reasoned it was the latter option. Really, they probably walked past without giving me a second thought. But for that moment, I revelled in the fact that someone might think I was parent.

I put the booties through the checkout and placed them at the top of the grocery bag. I figured I better have them ready to show my husband as he might think something was astray if he found them as he unpacked the groceries.

He came into the garage and I immediately pulled them out. “I bought these” I said. He gave me a quizzical look and I quickly added “As a good luck charm,” and smiled at him. “Good luck charm hey,” he said and picked up the bag and took it into the kitchen.

I left him to unpack the groceries so I could cut off the tags and carefully removed any sign of them. Even the plastic ties that held them to the cardboard backing were tiny. I nearly needed tweezers to take them off.

I went into our bedroom and thought about where to put them. I considered my bedside table but I thought I needed somewhere more central. So I grabbed some blu-tak out of my draw and carefully stuck a piece to the back of each bootie. I then gently pressed each one to the back of my wooden bed frame and checked they were stuck in place.

Seems illogical I know, but I’ve accepted the fact that this baby process is going to produce some totally illogical and irrational moments and decisions. In all honesty, I put them there so I can give them a touch, or a rub, before we start the act of making the baby. A bit like rubbing Buddha's belly I guess.

My husband hasn’t noticed it yet so it will be interesting to see what he’s reaction is. I was actually more concerned about the reaction people would have when they saw it. We have friends coming over for lunch next weekend who haven’t been to our new house before so they’ll be expecting the grand tour. What will they think when they walk into the room and notice two little white booties at the end of the bed? Perhaps they’ll be like the people in the supermarket and walk past it without giving it a second thought. We’ll see!

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