Sunday, 2 September 2012

Some observations

I'm now in the middle of the "post-trying wait." It's that no-man's land place you find yourself as you wait to find out if you're pregnant or not. It seems like I'm constantly waiting for something in this baby making process. I had to wait for my periods to return after coming off the pill. I have to wait to ovulate to have sex and I have to wait for my periods to come back to see the result. But, three months in, I've made some interesting observations.

1 - Sex takes a long time when you're trying to conceive. By the time you factor in fore play, doing the deed and sitting there with your legs up for 20 minutes, the whole process can be up to an hour. No wonder I feel so exhausted after a few days of trying!

2 - Every time you wait to see if you're pregnant, you spend that two weeks constantly analysing every single muscle ache, pain or twitch in your body to see if it's a sign you're pregnant. Yesterday I got a pimple. I never get pimples. I did the maths and thought well the egg would have implanted itself by now so maybe it's my first pregnancy pimple. My husband said, "I wouldn't get too excited over a pimple." I tried not to!

3 - Being relaxed and having fun with your partner makes so much of a difference. Last month I was so stressed that my cycle packed it in. This month I've been relaxed and just enjoyed the process. I haven't put too much pressure on myself. I haven't put too much pressure on my husband. I've simply enjoyed laughing with him and having a good time with it. It means I'm far less anxious about being in no-man's land than previous attempts.

4 - Gross things happen to you when you're pregnant. I read an article today that outlined all the gross things women can suffer. At the very least, they include itchiness, excessive passing of wind, wetting yourself, strange discharges and shooting out milk. It even said that milk can come out when you're having sex if your partner stimulates your breasts. Mental note - I need a protective visor for my husband!

5 - Patience is the key. I know, I've said it again and again and again. I am still trying not to think that at this point in time I could be nearly 3 weeks pregnant. I'm trying not to think about what stage of life the little grain would be at. I'm trying not to think about when I would have to take the pregnancy test to find out. I'm trying, but it's still a struggle. I'm trying to focus on sitting, breathing, relaxing and letting nature take its course. In the end, that's all we can do. But, the journey to enlightenment, and patience-dom continues!

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