Thursday, 26 July 2012

A sign from the gods

A quick update from my last post - alas there was no baby. I succumbed and took the test only to get a negative result. Two days later I got my period. I was upset but I had to remind myself that it was highly unlikely that I would fall pregnant the first go after coming off the pill. So it was time to get back on the horse (so to speak)!

Interestingly, we're about to take our second shot at it. I don't know if it's coincidence or just weird happenings, but an interesting thing happened this week.

As I walked out of the house yesterday, I happened to take a look at my side garden and saw a small child's purse sitting in the dirt. We live near a school so there's always plenty of kids running past the yard. I stopped to pick it up thinking some poor little girl would be missing her prized treasure.

It was a little, zipper purse with pink, sky blue and yellow hibiscus flowers on it. It had small baby frogs and mokeys strewn through the flowers. As if they were bathing in them! There wasn't a thing inside it and it looked like it had never been used.

I thought it was a strange thing for someone to seem to toss away. I'm convinced it didn't just drop from the sky. But I couldn't help wonder if it was a little sign. Given there is no identification in it, there's no little girl in a pink dress with pigtails to give it back to.

I've decided to wrap it up and put it in my bedside draw. Maybe in a few years I'll be presenting it to my daughter as her first wallet. Until then, it will sit right next to my booties I continue to rub for good luck. Here's hoping it works its magic for round two!  

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