Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A step forward

After a lot of soul searching, I've decided to take a new approach. It's funny how a change of scenery can bring some clarity to one's mind. I went and spent a few days with my aunt who always helps me find the way when I fall off my path. A few discussions we had made me realise that I'm going to cause myself a lot of pain if I can't find a way to be peaceful about this.

I reminded myself that so many things have come into my life due to patience. There was nothing I could have done to make them come into my life any faster than what they did. I realise that the universe has demonstrated to me, time and time again, that I'm always on the right path and my challenge is to stand back and let it unfold as it will.

I realise that this seems philosophical and I know that many people would think it was hippy crap but I guess it comes down to how you perceive what happens to you in life. The way I make sense of my life is by putting faith in the higher meaning of the universe.

So with my new positive frame of mind, I've decided being proactive is the best way to embrace patience. I decided to start back at yoga for some stress release and relaxation. If it can keep me calm then it will be good for the baby making process but at the least will just help to keep me centred.

I also got myself an ipad, which doesn't seem terribly relevant but it allows you to download apps. If I'm honest, one of the main reasons I got it was for the apps. I downloaded an app called lady timer which tracks your period cycles and when you're ovulating. It also allows you to track physical symptoms, note when you've had sex and make another notes. I figure this well help identify my most fertile times and act as a good guide of my cycle if it turns out I need medical assistance later down the track.

So, today is a good day. I expect a low to hit another time but for the moment, I am focused on being positive and doing what I can to remain so. As my next fertile time approaches, I remain positive it might be third time lucky!

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