Monday, 8 December 2014

Hello Mummy

Yesterday morning I walked into the lounge room where Sticky was playing on the ground. She looked up at me and said "Hello Mummy." #Heart Melted

Luckily my Mother was sitting there so I have a witness to this happening. I was slightly surprised because she had said "Hello Daddy" the day before but this was the first time in about 4 months she had said Mum. Now all of a sudden, mum has become her favourite word. I could never have imagined that "Hello Mummy" would become my favourite sentence!

It's funny that Sticky sat later then other babies, crawled later, got teeth later and started to stand later. But, none of the mothers have heard that sentence. So, do I care that she did all those other things later? I use to, but I certainly don't anymore. I'll take my daughter saying hello to me over any of those other milestones and now of course, I can't wait until she says it again. And I can't wait for all of my other mummy friends to experience the same amazing moment!

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