Monday, 1 December 2014

Defiant baby

I look at Sticky sometimes and I wish that she was older, especially now that disciplining her has become our new challenge. It sounds selfish but I'd love to not have to experience biting, pinching and telling her no. But, the only way to get to her being older is to go through each and every day!

I remember thinking the same thing when I was pregnant, always wishing I was further along than I was. That's probably just my impatient nature coming out. Waiting and taking things slowly has never been my forte but with a baby, you have no choice, it is baby steps after all!

But, it's easier said then done when you have a baby that is constantly testing the boundaries. She's trying to figure out what she can and can't touch, how far she can go, how hard she can bite, etc. It's a surprisingly brutal process being beat up by a baby! 

Her defiance grows by the day where now, when I tell her no, she'll scream or burst into tears. She knows what it means and she knows she's not meant to be doing whatever she is doing but she gives it another crack to see if I will do and say the same. This is why consistency is so important and my husband and I both being on the same page as to what she can and can't do.

It sounds horrible but I do feel like we're at puppy pre-school some days. The way you talk to a baby is very similar to how you talk to a dog because so much is done with your face and eyes. She knows my cross look and tries to hide her face and bury herself away somewhere when she gets it. It's almost like she's embarrassed to be caught out and is trying to deflect the attention from herself. It's amazing how quickly they figure these things out.

In saying all of that, I only wish the hard times away. I don't wish away seeing her crawl, sit up, stand, or walk for the first time. I would devastated to skip through all of that. Somethings are definitely worth being here in the moment for so I can appreciate the value of them. I remind myself that you have to take the good with the bad so I guess I accept being bitten and hit for being kissed and hugged!

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