Monday, 23 February 2015

Small things amuse small people

As Sticky gets older, I start to reap more benefits from all the hard work I've put in over the past year. Today, I'm very grateful for the fact I taught her to amuse herself.

As our life continues on it's merry way, I'm accepting the fact Sticky will be an only child. As a result, she won't have another child around to keep her entertained so she'll need to do that herself. I started very young creating opportunities for her to learn to play by herself. This has been enormously helpful because it means I can leave her to have a shower, cook dinner or hang out the washing and she doesn't know I'm gone.

I particularly noted it this morning when I got out of the shower and could hear her laughing. She was just playing with her toys, creating her own little stories with them, and having such a wonderful time. She didn't need me or anyone else around to do that for her.

As she gets older, that ability will need to be refined. I loathe the idea of a child constantly whinging "Mum I'm bored." So, I need to continue to work hard to make sure I have toys and activities that continue to interest and challenge her and keep her amused.

Today I got her puzzle out for the first time. She was somewhat interested in it, and clued on straight away to the fact she needed to take the pieces out and out them back. But, he attention span isn't there yet to focus on it. But, like everything else I'll gradually introduce it more as she matures and the baby toys make way for toddler toys.

Of course, it doesn't matter how much she entertains herself, once she can start pulling herself up onto the couch, I won't be able to leave her alone. It's clear she intends on going head first off the back of it as soon as she can so that will be the next challenge to overcome!

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