Thursday, 12 February 2015

Little Miss Chatterbox

So my little Miss Chatterbox has suddenly decided she's ready to start communicating with the world. Her language is now coming along so quickly, I've started keeping a list of all of her words and I'm translating for others!

Her list of words is now up to 19 and includes both standard and non-standard baby first words. In the standard list is Mummy, Daddy and Ta. In the non-standard list is spider, monkey and garden! She's also using two word sentences including Hello Mummy, cat gone, all gone and oh dear.

So, the current list is:

There - dare
Hello - el low
Cat - ka
Have - av
Garden - gar en
Spider - pie da
Cuddle - cud
Oh dear 
Lion - la yen
Monkey - muh ee

So why words like spider, lion, monkey and garden? Well, spider comes from Insy Winsy spider her favourite song. Garden comes from doing round and round the garden on her hand. She now points to her hand with her finger and says garden when she wants us to do it. 

The animals are from the stickers on her wall. She's now so fascinated with them that I have to run through them all everytime we go into her room. So now I've started testing her to see which ones she knows. She's trying very hard to say giraffe but hasn't quite got there yet but she's practicing hard!

In the meantime, she's babbling away and obviously has a lot to say. I wish I knew what it was because it's clear it's very important to her. But, she's learning so quickly I'm sure it's only a matter of time before I know!

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