Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Not feeling like a Grandma!

Part of me feels like I'm quite old trying to have a baby at nearly 37. I know I'm not as so many women in their 30s are doing that now. Some, like me, just didn't meet their soulmate until later in life. But at times, the thought of potentially having a 10-12 year old at 50, makes me feel old.

I got a dose of reality tonight seeing a story on Today Tonight. It was on Australia's oldest woman to have a baby naturally. I saw the original story a while ago. At 50, she thought she was going through menopuase but was actually pregnant. After trying for so long, and never having happened, her and her husband had naturally given up!

So here she is, at 50 with a 1 year old! Yes, I would much prefer to have a 10 year old at 50 than a 1 year old. But beggars can't be chosers. The reality is I'd be happy to have one at any age. But the other reality is this woman is a freak of nature! She is definitely not the norm and her amazing achievement is not one to be emulated unless one wants to face enormous disappointment.

But, on the bright side, seeing the enormous love her and her husband had for their little boy, made me realise my husband and I would have the same love - at any age. It also made me realise that I'm much younger and more spritely than a 50 year old. Surely, there isn't anything I couldn't handle? Surely there isn't anything I wouldn't have the energy or stamina to manage? And even if I didn't, and it meant I had a few more wrinkles, crows feet or bags under my eyes, surely that's a price that's easy to pay!  

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