Sunday, 24 June 2012

Putting the pram before the baby

Ok, I admit I may have got a little carried away. Today I bought a change table. Not a normal one, it's a wooden one that you attach to the top of a chest of draws. I saw it on Ebay and thought it was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen!

I'd been thinking of how I would manage space in our nursery and when I saw this, I thought bingo! I also convinced myself that given I'm picking up a new chest of draws next weekend, it must be a sign! Actually, now I think about it, we don't need a chest of draws. That's something else I bought for the baby's room! Whoops!

Ok, so I'm definitely getting carried away. But I justify it to myself that to buy these things new would cost far much more. And, I'm buying the draws off a friend who's moving overseas so I'm really doing her a favour. Clearly I was just deluding myself. 

I was reluctant to tell my husband, believing he would think I was nuts. But I had to as we had to pick it up on our way to lunch. I very hesitantly and coyly told him I had bought a change table and we needed to pick it up. He laughed, looked at me and said "Ok baby". I think after I bought the booties home, nothing is going to surprise him!

When we picked up the change table, it included a mat and 3 change covers. The couples' little boy, who was bout 3 years old, carried the little pack of mat and covers, tied up with a blue bow. He was so adorable as he walked up and gave them to me and I imagined him lying on that table having his nappy changed. 

As soon as we got home, I opened the pack and laid them all out on the couch to look at them. Each cover had a little embroidered figure on it. I tried each one on the mat to make sure it fit. I noticed that two had been handmade, based on the original one as the pattern. It was so beautiful to have these things that someone had taken the time to make for their little treasure and I was touched that I now had it to share with my little treasure. There's something special about having these things that have history to them rather than having everything brand new.

I know it sounds weird. Most people don't actually buy things for their baby until they have a baby! But for some reason, over the past few days, I've just had this overwhelming sense that this is all going to happen. I am prone to little premonitions at times but I'm not sure this is a premonition. It's more like an ingrained belief. I just believe it to be so. And, if for some reason the baby doesn't come along, I can always sell it all again on Ebay!

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