Saturday, 2 June 2012

The epitome of gratitude

My friend Angela is the poster girl for motherhood. There’s many more out there, but I’ve taken particular notice of Angela as my most recent friend to give birth.
Like so many other mothers out there, it took her a while to conceive and it was indeed a miracle her daughter came along. As a result, she’s always been eternally grateful for the little angel she was blessed with.
I love the comments she puts on Facebook. She takes joy in feeding her at 4am because it means she has a baby to feed. She expresses her wonder and enjoyment at watching her laugh, eat her dinner and taking her first steps because it means she’s growing.
She shares her pain and anguish at having to deal with fevers, colds and teething because she hates to see her in pain. She proudly acknowledges her daughter’s traits including staying up late because she doesn’t want to miss out on anything and being boisterous. She does this because she only has unconditional love to give.
While many parents would wish their children didn’t wake up in the middle of the night, get frustrated that dinner is all over the floor or lament that their baby won’t go to sleep, Angela accepts it all as part and parcel of the deal she signed up for and uses each moment to remind herself of how grateful she is to have her baby.
Angela, you are a shining example to every parent, and parent-to-be. Thank you for teaching me to be grateful for the things we have in life and remember how lucky we are to achieve our dreams. When I am blessed with my own little cherub, I will endeavour to take many pages out of your book. I want to be just like you when I grow up!


  1. I love it. And I think I love Angela. She has a wonderful, fabulous outlook xx



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