Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Babies, babies, everywhere

Have you ever experienced that phenomenon when you test drive a car and suddenly you see that car everywhere you go, even though you swear you’ve never seen it on the road before? Well, it seems I am experiencing the same phenomenon when it comes to babies. 

I’ve started seeing pregnant women everywhere. And not just “ready to pop at any moment” pregnant women, now I’m looking at women, who might have just eaten too much for lunch, and wondering if they’re pregnant!  

And now, all the tv shows I watch are jumping on board too. All of a sudden Meredith and Derek adopted a baby, then lost it, then got it back on Grey’s Anatomy. Addison tried for a baby, couldn’t have a baby, tried again for a baby, couldn’t have a baby, tried to adopt a baby and the mother didn’t give it her in Private Practice. Then Julia tried to adopt a baby, held the mother’s hand through child birth, only for her to change her mind and keep the baby, then ended up being a foster parent in Parenthood.

Now, I’m not normally an emotional person when it comes to these schmalzy, over-the-top American storylines. But, since pregnancy became my brain’s topic d’jour, I’ve been bawling like the proverbial baby (funnily enough) through all of these episodes. And not just bawling, but saying to myself it’s so sad they’re experiencing these things - as if they’re real people!

I’m glad Meredith, Derek and Julia are now sorted out. It only leaves me having to support Addison through the trials and tribulations she’ll continue to face in achieving her dream of motherhood. Whatever happens Addison, my tissues are at the ready!

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