Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Two for the price of one

I found out today that the likelihood of having twins natural increases once you’re over 35. It was a weird, kismet moment to read this as I’ve been plagued with this bizarre thought over the last week that we could have twins. I have no idea why as we don’t have any twins in our family. But, for some reason, the thought has just been there.

I do tend to get “feelings in my waters” from time to time and even premonitions of things that will happen. But equally, I also have random thoughts that turn into nothing. But it was a very spooky moment for such a random thought to suddenly be grounded in fact!

This led me to have a conversation with my husband about what we would do if we had twins. He suggested we could sell one to a group in Afghanistan but I told him we would not be selling any of our children for money! He asked if we could sell them for cider. I said no.

But when he decided to get serious, he responded with his normal, level-headedness, which was “We’ll deal with it.”

I wouldn’t mind twins to be honest. At the very most I only want two children so if we had them at the same time it would be over in one foul swoop. Although I’m well aware that the early years will be tough. But overall, I think I’d like it.

Mind you, I wouldn’t be one of those mothers who dresses her twins in exactly the same clothes. What is with that? Not only do you look the same as each other but you have to dress the same too. I’m not sure that’s the way to raise two, independent children who are strong and secure in their OWN self-identity. But I’ll continue with that discussion should I end up with two for the price of one!

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