Monday, 28 May 2012

One of those days

It was one of those days today where work wasn't that busy but by the time I got home, watered the garden, cooked dinner, sorted out the rubbish, did the dishes, got the washing in, and folded the washing, I was exhausted. And not just exhausted but pissed off. Yes, I had one of those moments where we ask why does there always have to be so much to do?

It made me wonder how I would cope with a child. How would I get home from work at 5:45pm, collect the child, get home, sort them out, cook dinner and do everything else that needed to be done? I use to be a nanny. I was the hired help. The one that actually did all these things. But the difference was I didn't have to travel to and from work, I woke up and I was there. 

Now guaranteed, choosing tonight of all nights to try a new recipe that I had no idea how long would take to cook was not the best idea for a Monday night. I learnt my lesson. No more of those games for mid-week dinners. Mind you, it tasted bloody good!

I've already started to prepare for impending babydom by getting my husband to cook more. He's got cooking cards so he can practice some standard meals. He'll need to take more of a role in the kitchen when I become pregnant as no doubt I'll have moments of exhaustion where the isn't a chance I want to stand in the kitchen and cook. So that's good - it's a start. But being the perfectionist I am, it will take a lot for me to stand back and let him do it. But we're both learning!

This realisation has made me appreciate the efforts of my Mother so much more. She had three children at home, and as teacher, she was with children all day. Then had to come home and deal with them all night. But she did it. I suppose in the end you don't have a choice. You just have to suck it up and do it. Like any change in life, we have to adapt and run with it. Mind you, I think I'll see how many pre-cooked meals I can fit in the chest freezer in the garage. Hopefully enough to get us through the first year!

I know today was nothing more than a moment of weakness - wishing for a clone. To be able to be in two places at one time. To be able to do two things at once time. The working mothers out there will shake their heads at me and look down on me in shame. I can hear you all saying now, oh, young, naive Fiona, how much you have to learn!

Being the organisational freak that I am, I'm sure I will be fine. It's just about making shifts here and there. And learning how to fit into a whole new lifestyle. Well, that, and living off easy dinners like beef stirfry and fried rice! Clearly, I need to extend my husband's repertoire! 

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