Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Catching up on life

This is one of those crazy weeks where I have to catch up on life after taking last week "off". Welcome back to the ordinary Fiona!

While I missed spending time with Sticky last week when I was on my course, I loved having some me time. Not that it was terribly relaxing, but I just enjoyed getting out of the house and doing something just for me for get first time in 7 months! 

I also loved re-igniting my brain. It was great to have new things to learn and to challenge myself. I met new people and found all sorts of inspiration for my new venture. Now the course is done and paperwork sent off, I have no choice but to sit and wait.

So, this week I return to normality with a thud. It's back to the 4am feeds, trip to the chiro and doctor and swimming lessons. Oh, here's catching up on cleaning too! I can't say I'm finding any inspiration in any of that.

However, I am finding inspiration in all the new things Sticky is doing. She's just started to roll onto her stomach and now does it with ease. Of course the problem with this is she can't roll back! So there have been a few problems with her getting her arm stuck down the side of the cot mattress because she rolls into it, but overall, it's not too dramatic. I'm not sure if it's going to be better or worse when she learns to roll back!

We've also started solids which is very exciting. So far, she's had baby porridge and banana. I have apples, carrots and zucchinis to start making some purées so she'll soon be dining on gourmet fare! She's taken pretty well to it. She's swallowed a bit and is getting use to the sensation of both food and a spoon in her mouth. It's made me realise how, as a parent, you are responsible for teaching your child the most basic of skills like eating. So far we're making good progress. We'll see if I still think that when I end up with spaghetti in my hair!

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