Friday, 27 June 2014

Fabulous Friday

Happy Fabulous Friday! What's fabulous about today is singing!
Sticky's had a pretty big week. We've been out every day, she did 3 submersions at swimming lessons, she started solids, caught up with her friends at Mothers Group and met her first BFF! It's been a big week!

As a result, she's been a little out of sorts. She's been generally happy but has taken to grumbling if she can't see me. The mothers in my group said their bubs were doing the same thing so it's either the next Wonder Week approaching or the start of separation anxiety. I'm thinking it's the next Wonder Week because the grumbling and sooking is a tell tale sign.

I decided to try singing to her to get us through these moments and to help her feel more secure. I've been singing to her for a few weeks now. We normally do singing time every afternoon. We do the classics like Twinkle Twinkle, Old MacDonald and 5 little ducks - she loves anything with hand movements - but Insy Winsy Spider is her favourite. I can stop any potential meltdown by singing it. Who knew the story of one little spider, fighting against all odds to climb a spout, could stop a screaming baby in her tracks!

Today, I tried singing when giving her her food - again, pure magic! She's been doing well with solids but starts sooking after a while. I sang the whole time I was feeding her, and before she knew it, she had eaten all of her zucchini purée and rice cereal! I was amazed! Today is our 6th day eating and first day I'd say she actually ate a meal. I'm feeling very proud of both of us!

I hazard a guess this magic singing power won't last long. I'm sure she'll soon become bored of it, or I'll have to change my repertoire and learn different songs. But I'm ok with that. So long as she has a smile on her face, and is enjoying my pitchy renditions, I'm a happy girl. I will definitely not be trying out for The Voice anytime soon, but while I have one appreciative audience member, I'll sing for as long as I can!

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