Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Pint-size Picasso

Sticky did her first painting today. It seems I have quite the little artist on my hands!
Now that Sticky's fine motor skills are getting better, I decided it was time to introduce painting. Given she can now grasp thick things, I used dish scrubbing brushes. I used to do this when I worked in child care with the babies. It's a good way to introduce painting with a medium they can work with. Of course, I had to hold her hand and move it across the canvas, but she was holding the brush.

It was quite funny to see her try to compute what was happening. She watched me dab the brush into the paint and the colour appear in front of her. She didn't know what to make of it but when I went to give her the second brush, she nearly grabbed it out of my hand. She then had her first little "let me do it myself" tanty when she tried to shake my hand off hers. She couldn't reach the canvas without me and soon realised she couldn't do it by herself so let me help again.

I decided to do the first one on canvas as I'm going to setup a little Sticky gallery. I'll get her to paint on a canvas every 6 months so we can track her progress and hang them on the wall. It makes for quite the unique artwork and I'm proud to say I have an original art piece hanging on my wall!

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