Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Guilty before proven innocent

Apparently I'm suffering Mother's guilt because I've left my daughter for the week. Oh, how shocked people were to learn I am not suffering from that affliction.

When my course started on Monday, we did the whole get to know you thing. I of course said I was on maternity leave and had a 5 month old at home. The response I got was "Oh, so you're suffering Mother's guilt." My immediate response was no!

People commented on how young she was to leave her at home and they were right, but I don't feel guilty about it. I know she is in good hands with my husband and think its good for them to spend time together.

I am definitely missing being with Sticky this week. I'm luckily enough that I get to see her briefly in the morning, and for a while in the afternoon before I have to lock myself away for the night to get my course work done. But, I make sure I stop to put her to bed and kiss her goodnight because that's my main priority.

She was a little out of sorts on Monday but has coped pretty well with my absence. I'm glad she has the opportunity to learn that she is ok without me there. And, if I leave, I do come back. I think it's a valuable experience for her for when I do go back to work.

So, I'm sure while other Mothers may feel guilt, I don't. I know we're both going through a valuable learning experience that will make us stronger as a result. Am I
guilty about that? Not at all. Am I proud of how we are doing? You bet!

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