Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Sticky finds her voice

On Sunday, Sticky learnt a brand new trick - squealing. It's now her favourite game. Funnily enough, it's my least favourite!

Squealing - it's horrible. But she doesn't just squeal, she squeals going up and down octaves as she goes. It sounds like a combination of a 13 year olds voice breaking and a seagull. She thinks it's hilarious.

She kind of squeals and talks at the same time. Sometimes it's just part of her chatting, and other times she's expressing excitement. But, when she hits her high notes, it's like fingernails down a black board. It really is quite painful.

So, I've had to start being tough Mum and disciplining her when it gets too high. It seems silly but I guess this is how children learn how to use their "inside" voices. When she does her little to medium squeals, I smile and engage with her and talk about whatever it is she seems interested in. When she hits the high notes, I look at her sternly and say "uh uh, no that's too high." 

She hasn't learnt the meaning of no yet but I guess we're on our way. Of course, any response she gets, she thinks it's reinforcement and continues. But, given my friend said her daughter squealed like this until she was 1, I'm determined to start teaching her boundaries. Really, I think I'm motivated by the fact I'm going to be home with her for at least another 6 months and I'd like to keep my ear drums in tact! We'll see who wins!

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