Monday, 17 November 2014

My little explorer

Apologies for not blogging so long. Between preparing to go away, going away, and settling back in, it's been a crazy 2 weeks. So, I'm back!
This pic is of Sticky on her first plane ride. She did so well on the 5 hour flight. She entertained the old ladies sitting behind us and made friends with the lady sitting next to us. So much so the lady grabbed her off me and plonked her on her lap! Sticky was ok with it for about 2 minutes!

She travelled well, adapting to her new surroundings, car seat and car. She also handled the time difference better than I thought but still woke up at 4am a few nights. Luckily her and grandma enjoyed spending early morning time together so Mummy and Daddy could get some sleep!

She went through huge changes while we were away - learning to clap, play peek-a-boo, standing up and pulling herself up on things. After nearly 10 months of seeing her constant development, you would think I would be used to such swift changes but I'm not!

It was so lovely to have a family holiday and for her to have both of us there all day. She hadn't spent time like that with her father since he stayed home after she was born so it was lovely to see them spend quality time together. Although he spent the time teaching her how to do fake coughs and blow raspberries! 

We came home for me to do my first wedding on Saturday, meet another couple on Sunday and to all the loads of washing. It was your typical post holiday come down that makes you wish you could have another holiday to get over the holiday! But, with Christmas fast approaching, some more time as a family is not too far away!

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