Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Projectile vomit, standing and fleas

Yes, I know. Never, in a million years, would I have expected to create a post with that heading, but, that's what my last few days have entailed. Needless to say there have been many sighs...

So, to begin, when we arrived home from our trip, we quickly discovered we also returned to a plaque of fleas. Given the house was locked up for a week, and it was so hoops and humid, the lovely splitter fellows rose from the ground and into our house. We only noticed because they have been biting port Sticky to death and she now has so many bites, she looks like she has chicken pox! 

We picked her up this morning to find 5 on her so I whisked her off to daycare and came straight home to flea bomb the place. I'm hoping that buys us some reprieve until the pest man can come next week.

So, then yesterday, I took her swimming and she had a great time but swallowed a bit of water. Nothing out if the ordinary until we came home and as I was holding her on the couch, she threw up all over it and the floor. I leapt up and she continued to vomit all over the floor and managed to cover a 3 mere distance. We had only just been talking about projectile vomits a few days earlier and how lucky we were she hadn't done it. Karma perhaps!

So, that brings us to happier news where she is starting to stand by herself now. She still needs to hold onto something but she's very keen to pull herself up into a standing position. Today, she's 10 months old and it was the first time she held onto my hands and took a few steps. She hasn't moved from commando crawling to knee crawling so I expect she may just move straight onto walking. My goodness, how did my tiny little baby suddenly start thinking about walking! 

I'm hoping the rest of the week is much more uneventful, and less itchy!

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