Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Farewell to my baby

We will have a baby for 6 more days. At that time, she'll turn 1 and leave babyhood behind. It's hard to believe we are here already but as I watch her change everyday, I'm excited to see what the next year will bring!

Sticky's movement and language is growing so quickly I can hardly keep up. She's standing for only a second but managing to stay up very briefly before she falls. She's also walking with much more confidence when we hold her hands. She's clearly determined to get going.

She's started to wave hello and goodbye and blow kisses. Although she hasn't mastered the kiss so blows raspberries instead. But she knows it's for saying goodbye. She can also point to her eye and nose but enjoys poking me in my eye and nose more!

She's also becoming a lot more vocal. She's started pointing one finger and saying "there" because I'm always saying "there it is" if I tell her to get something. She will now shake her head for "no" and raises her arms out to the side with her palms up to indicate something is all gone. Today, she dropped something and said "oh dear." It's clear that she understands a lot more than she can say but I'm sure it's only a matter of time before her vocal ability catches up with her mental ability.

She now knows when she's in trouble and will throw a tantrum if she's not happy about it. It seems to be more from embarrassment then being angry although anger seems to be an emotion she's starting to feel. She's also starting to learn about our emotions and realises when she's pushed us too far. If she bites us, and we put her down, she gingerly comes back to us to make sure we're still ok. We always reassure her that everything is fine so teaching boundaries and discipline is a difficult process.

So all of this has been happening in the past few weeks. I'm assuming this means the rate of change will only increase as we move into toddlerhood. We will soon be dealing with walking, talking, conversations, full on tantrums and more discipline. But, we will also have a  little person we can start having conversations with and start teaching her more about her world. 

I thought I would be upset about loosing my baby and I sort of am because it went so fast. But I am more excited about what the next year will bring and look forward to sharing time with such a beautiful person who makes me laugh and smile and totally fills my heart. There aren't too many people in this world who do that so I'm making the most of one who does!

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