Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The honeymoon is over

So today marks my last day of maternity leave. I officially return to work tomorrow which will bring a whole new change to our lives but that's just what every working Mum faces I guess so there's no choice but to just get on with it!

On one hand, I feel ready to go back to work but on the other, I wish I was more rested. With my mother in law passing away at Christmas, I'm exhausted by the emotional and physical toll it took. We had 4 flights in 5 days which is a challenge with a baby. Sticky adapted to it all very well, as she always does, which definitely made things easier for us.

However, we slept terribly and the exhaustion continues as the emotional toll deepens. I was the one that had to organise the flights, accommodation, car hire and write the funeral. On top of that, I've had to support my husband as he rides the roller coaster of grief. That's not an easy task.

And this just happens to be my most busy celebrant week ever with 5 new enquiries and meeting two couples to start planning their weddings. That bit I love, but of course I know I'm stretching myself thin. You'd think with all of that, I wouldn't agree to do a markets on Saturday morning but that's my style. 

I've realised I'm just craving any opportunity to do things for and by myself at the moment. I have dedicated so much of my time and energy to my husband and daughter over the last few weeks I haven't done much for myself. I figure I'll just keep going until I crash. That's just what I do!

Being a working mother means we will all have to adapt. I guess it's just hard at the moment as we've already had to adapt to much this year and it's not even a week old! But, that's just life and I remind myself that the universe never sends you more then you can handle. I so hope that's the case because I'm not sure I could handle much more!

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