Friday, 14 February 2014

Fabulous Friday

Happy Fabulous Friday and Happy Valentines Day to you all. What's fabulous about today is of course love - having love, being in love and the amazing things we do for love!
Today, my older brother came to visit us. He said he had a present for Sticky he wanted to drop off to us. I didn't think anything of it because we have been very blessed to have so many people give us a range of beautiful gifts.

He drove an hour to see us to bring his gift which was a little Valentine's Day teddy that says I love you when you press a button. He wanted Sticky to have it for her first Valentine's Day. I was so touched by his beautiful sentiment and now she will have something to remember her first Valentine's Day, given to her by her besotted uncle.

Like all of my family, my brother was excited to see her and loved giving her her bottle. It seems people are lining up to give her her bottle so much so we're thinking we could charge money for it! But, we're just grateful that someone else is happy to do it so we can sit and enjoy our coffee. It's rare that we get to do that!

A friend also visited us this morning to meet Sticky and she too enjoyed being on bottle duty. Again, I was touched by the lovely gift she bought and her thoughtfulness of bringing us some loaf for morning tea and a fresh loaf of bread. It's little things like that that mean so much to us at the moment. Just those little things that make our lives a bit easier. 

Another friend texted today just to ask how we were going and to tell me she was looking forward to seeing us soon. Indeed, this Valentine's Day, we have been showered with enormous amounts of love.

I am so touched by the way people have embraced Sticky and welcomed her so lovingly into the world. I am also touched by how people have embraced us as new parents and the enormous generosity they have shown. The love I have for Sticky grows daily and I see others are totally powerless to her charms. The power she wields over people is amazing. Maybe it's the power all babies have, I'm not sure. But everyone who meets her falls under 
her spell.

So, I hope wherever you are today you have experienced the joy of someone else showing you they love you. And remember, it's not just all about the roses. Love can be shown in so many ways - today, I've been shown love through a hug, a teddy, a text message and a loaf of bread. But, perhaps the greatest gift I received today, was my daughter's first smile. Now, I have something to remember her first Valentine's Day by too! 

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