Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Wonder Week #1 and wine

I have a sneaky suspicion Sticky has entered her first Wonder Week. She seems to be growing before my eyes and has become quite grizzly and unsettled. This is the first of many Wonder Weeks we are going to experience over the next two years. However, I was saved by my first leave pass today so made the most of it by catching up with a good friend and indulging in a glass of wine!
For those who have never heard of the term Wonder Weeks, it's basically a predictable time when babies go through mental changes. You can find more information about it here. Basically, it outlines the changes babies will go through each Wonder week. As each change occurs, the length of time increases and the effect does too. It seems Sticky has hit her first week.

She is showing all the classic signs including an increase in metabolism, wanting to feed more often, grizzling for no real reason, being much more alert hearing and responding more, and just wanting to be held. She is also showing tears for the first time. I didn't know newborns didn't cry tears from day one so seeing them for the first time has created an emotional response from me. Hearing her cry out quite hysterically at times was bad enough, however, when I go to pick her up and see her eyes glistening it breaks my heart even more.

It's going to be a tough week so I wasn't sure if I should take my leave pass today. My husband told me to do it before he goes back to work. I didn't feel totally comfortable with it but knew I had to take some time for myself. I had lunch with a friend and treated myself to a glass of wine. I had a lovely few hours out and Sticky didn't know any different. I had made sure I had some expressed milk for my husband to give her and he was feeding her when I got home. I felt relieved to know it had gone ok. Sadly, the rest of the afternoon didn't.

She started screaming so much on our walk this afternoon I had to take her out of the pram and hold her. Holding her and pushing the pram at the same time was too difficult so I had to call my husband to come and help me. She fell asleep in his arms and we went to put her to bed when we got home. She woke up and couldn't resettle so we bathed and fed her and started again. We got home from the walk at 6pm and finally got her settled and asleep at 8:30. It's definitely going to be a tough week!

I'm so glad my husband is home with me this week to help me through this. I know the first one will be the hardest to deal with as the first one. Mind you the others will be longer and harder but hopefully we'll become better at handling it. So far we're doing pretty well but I must admit, the wine helped! I just have to make sure I don't handle it by having a wine everyday. I think I'll substitute it for chocolate instead! 

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