Friday, 28 February 2014

Fabulous Friday

Happy Fabulous Friday! Today marks the end of the first week Sticky and I have been by ourselves. Today is only half way through but I feel confident enough to say we kicked it!
I started the week a little nervous with how we would go once my husband returned to work. I didn't think I wouldn't cope, it was more about reorganising logistics. Up until this week, my husband and I would pass her over whenever one of us needed to go to the toilet, wash our hands, make lunch etc. This was the first time there would be no other hands.

It took me a while to get the hang of it but I pretty much just started putting her in her bassinet when I needed both hands. She cried a few times, but on the whole was happy lying there watching her mobile go around. Luckily the tune it plays goes for long enough for me to do most things, and if I find myself running out of time, I just put it on again.

This week has also been all about learning to do things by myself so I just had toughen up and throw myself into the challenge. Yesterday was the hardest when I had to bathe her by myself. I'm still building my bathing confidence so I had to take a moment and ignore her screaming to sort out the logistics in my head - shampoo needed to be somewhere I could just pump it into my hands and the towel needed to be somewhere I could grab whilst holding her. Once I figured that out, we were good to go and I passed with flying colours!

I also had my first solo trip to the shops yesterday. We went out and did a few chores which ended up taking 2.5 hours. Mind you, about 45 minutes of that time was taken up by a nappy change and a bottle. Luckily the shopping centre had an excellent parents room that allowed me to take the pram into the toilet with me and provided a private cubicle to feed her in which meant I could keep her away from the distraction of the bigger kids squealing in the play area. I told Sticky how proud I was of her for doing such a great job, and gave myself a pat on the back too!

The only challenge I was not successful in this week was organising a mother's group. The rigmarole to book into one was ridiculous and basically, I've left it too late so can either go to one not close to home, or go on the waiting list for ones that are close. I was really annoyed that no one in the hospital told me I needed to organise it sooner, and no one from the agency had called me as I was also told would happen. So, not my fault and if we don't manage to get into a group it's ok, I just thought I'd give it a go as part of the mother process.

So, Week 1 is done and dusted. Next week will provide some new challenges with her 6 week vaccinations and obstetrician and pediatrician check ups. I also have to get a vaccination so at least we can cry together although I hazard a guess I will be the baby about it, not her! 

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