Monday, 20 October 2014

Mummy brain snap

I just made one of the worse Mummy brain snaps and forget to stir and test Sticky's lunch after I microwaved it. Of course, I burnt her mouth. I have no idea why I would do that, given I am so diligent about it 99.9 percent of the time. Clearly, there are no words for how much I hate myself right now.

That look on her face when she took the first bite will be burnt in my mind forever. I cannot believe that this priceless little angel was bestowed upon me for safe keeping and I make such a thoughtless and silly mistake. I know it won't be the worst parenting mistake I'll make, but right now, it feels like that.

I quickly got the food out of her mouth and plied her with water. She took a few big sips and settled surprisingly quickly, but she wasn't going anywhere near the rest of her lunch. So I gave her her bottle which she drank quickly and hoped it would soothe whatever pain she was in. Now she's happily laughing and playing on the floor!

It's no excuse but we've had a rough few days. She's had conjunctivitis, a bad cold and fevers over the weekend. That's meant constant battling to get drops in her eyes, upping the bottles because she's off her food and disrupted sleep. Last night she was up at 10pm, 2am and 4am. It's been a pretty draining few days and I particularly wanted her to eat because she's barely had anything for the past few days. Well, I think I've stuffed that up!

On the bright side, I guess after this experience I will NEVER do it again. It's like when I put the bottle sterilizer in the microwave and blew up the microwave. Well, that cost us a new microwave so I've never done it again. So at least I learn from my mistakes! I know she's looking at me with the same loving eyes she's always had and all is forgiven. Now, I just need to forgive myself. 

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