Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Surviving a sick baby

We are coming towards the end of our first real experience with a sick baby and it can't come fast enough!

Sticky has had a bad virus for 6 days now. Her nose has been running constantly, she has a horrible chesty cough and had high fevers. Luckily the fevers only lasted the first 2 days because that was rather scary.

What's amazed me is how she's kept her smile and sunny disposition through it all. When I was really sick a few weeks ago, the only thing that made me smile was antibiotics! Luckily I haven't had to give Sticky those!

The most trying part, other than her very occasionally grumpy moments, has been the lack of sleep. She's gone back to waking up during the night and taking two hours to get back to sleep. Last night she woke up at 1am and I managed to get her back to sleep at 3am. We were then woken up by my husband at 7:30am kissing us goodbye. Today I'm going to tell him to leave a note next time!

I thought she would be exhausted today but she's slept for 30 minutes all day, leaving me the one exhausted. I decided to keep her home from child care today, just so she could get over the lingering cough. She'll definitely be going back on Friday though!

So, it's been a challenge and one I've managed. I know she's going to get sick over and over again and I'll just deal with it as every other parent does. I remind myself of how lucky we are that at 9 months, all we've had is a few colds. So many parents have to deal with so much worse. So if a few sleepless nights is the price for her overall good health, I'll gladly pay it!

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