Thursday, 30 October 2014

Adventure of a crawling baby

Sorry I haven't posted for a while. Life has been crazy busy this week as I prepare for my first wedding expo! Funnily enough, having Sticky now crawling has added to the energy I need to spend on watching her!

It's funny to see how quickly she has improved. In 6 days she's gone from a few hesitant lurches to using both her legs commando style. She's also found all the things she can get into. Right now, I can hear her playing in the cat food bowl and emptying all the food onto the floor! Rookie mother-of-a-crawler mistake. She's just tasted her first cat food!

Now she's much more confident, she can easily travel the length of the house. This means the baby gates need to get up pronto! I thought all this extra movement would tucker her out but it seems to have energized her. She's staying up later, waking up during the night, and waking in the morning earlier. Maybe she just doesn't want to miss out on this new found view of the world she has!

The only problem I have with her crawling is it demonstrates how dirty the floors are! She has grubby marks on her face, hands and clothes so I spent a few hours doing a thorough clean yesterday and will now have to mop and vacuum once a week. With the extra energy it's going to take to do that, I can't wait until she starts walking!

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