Monday, 1 September 2014

Baby talk

Sticky is so tantalisingly close to saying her first word. We've had sounds that sound like words but nothing concrete enough for me to jump up and down and scream that was it!
Her babbling increases everyday, as does the new sounds she makes. She's now making ess and ay sounds which unfortunately sound like words! So far, we've had um, ada, ess and oh-ay. Of course to me, um was Mum, ada was Dada, ess was yes and oh-ay was hooray. I know chances are I'm kidding myself.

When she says one of these sounds that sound like words, I look at her with enthusiasm thinking it might be it. I repeat whatever word I think she's said and she just looks at me and turns her head - every single time! It's almost like she knows I want her to say it and she's going nope, not playing your game!

I know she can only hold out for so long. It's clear that she's inherited my love of talking - she talks to herself constantly. So, I know it's only a matter of time before the urge to speak gets the better of her. 

I see mothers and their children sitting in cafes talking to each other and I can't wait to have those conversations. I can't wait for her to tell me what she likes or dislikes, what she wants to eat, how she's feeling or what's bothering her. I can't wait for her to tell me silly jokes or laugh at something I say. But of course what I can't wait for the most, is to be called Mum!

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