Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Food Glorious Food - Phase 4

Given Sticky is 2 days away from hitting 8 months, it's time to move into the next phase of feeding - finger foods and snacks!

I've started introducing smaller chunks of food so Sticky can learn to start feeding herself. She's a way off being able to do it at the moment as her pincer grip isn't as strong as it needs to be, but, we have had a few wins. She's definitely becoming more independent though and wanting to feed herself with the spoon. Occasionally she gets it in her mouth!

Yesterday, I gave her a chicken meatball I cut up into small pieces - she loved it! I mix up chunks of food she can hold with chunkier purée so she's still getting all of her veges. Occasionally I give her chunks of veges and feed her by hand so she can see the process to hopefully figure out how to do it herself.

I've introduced a snack in the afternoon and will do this for a week or two before introducing one in the morning. It's part of working her up to 5 meals a day. It's a long process but she's doing exceptionally well.

Part of getting her ready for more meals is feeding her before her bottle so she's starting to fill up more on food. I'll start reducing the amount of bottles she has next month so this is the first part of getting her use to that. There are so many steps involved!

I'm doing all of this a little earlier than suggested so I can have her eating finger food by 9 months - just in time for our big trip. It will be easier travelling if I can give her chunks of what we are eating rather than having to purée things up. Luckily for her, we love food and eat lots of different things so she's in for some tasty treats!

I've taking the introduction of food very seriously and am following the baby steps you need to. I focus on exposing her to a lot of different foods, and so far, it's only banana and Weet Bix that she's opposed to. I'll keep trying her on them though. She eats such a range of food from fruit, veges, lamb,chicken, fish, spaghetti bolognaise and tuna casserole. I'm determined not to have a fussy eater and right now she's making my job very easy. Here's hoping it continues that way!

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