Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Wriggly baby

Now that Sticky’s movement has become more consistent, I’m starting to notice she has a routine. It’s quite funny as I start to note the different locations she likes and things that impact her. She’s already starting to show her personality!

On a typical day, she’ll start moving around 10am. I think it probably takes this long for her to wake up. She’ll wriggle about for a while until she finds another comfy position and goes back to sleep. She then wakes up around 12pm and has another wriggle around. At 2pm she’s full of beans and rolls around and kicks and punches for a little while. Then she goes back to sleep.

She’s then pretty quiet through the afternoon and I don’t tend to feel too much as I run around walking to the train station, getting home and cooking dinner. But as soon as I sit in my breastfeeding chair and put my feet up, she goes nuts. I’m not sure if it's because she’s in a different position because my feet are up, or she’s just happy to have me sitting down. I’m not sure if it’s a sign she’s happy or upset but I’m hoping she’s happy. Given it’s the first chance I have to put my feet up all day, I’m happy!

I’ve noticed that caffeine does seem to impact her and she will normally be a bit active about 20 or 30 minutes after I have my morning coffee. Some times the caffeine hits her harder than others and she will go nuts for quite a while. On Monday, she did not stop moving all day. She was bumping and crashing into me so much it made me think of Animal from the Muppets. But, she was clearly tuckered out because on Tuesday, she was quiet for most of the day.

On the days when she doesn’t stop moving, I get worried she’ll be like that when she arrives. I have visions of her being awake all day, wriggling about and just squirming. I picture her happy, rather than sitting around just crying. But, I also picture her being rather hyper. I know I was a hyper child who never wanted to sleep for fear of missing out on something. At my wedding, my Father said I suffered from FOMS – fear of missing out syndrome. He believes it’s a hereditary condition so Sticky could be a fellow sufferer.

If that’s the case, I must remind myself that I always wanted a child who threw themselves into life and was a willing participant. I remember working in childcare these children who would just sit in the corner, cry constantly, and never participate in anything. I wonder what kind of adults those kids grew up to be. But, I certainly won’t let Sticky behave like that. So, if she’s an energetic little bundle of joy that runs like the Energizer Bunny, then I guess I’ll loose lots of weight trying to keep up with her. Win win all round!  

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