Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A breakthrough

I had a major breakthrough yesterday – I bought my first baby clothes! Yay me!

At 28 weeks pregnant, one would expect an impending Mother to have shopped up a storm at this point – not me. Other than the car, my only purchases have been butterflies for the nursery wall, hand puppets, a nappy bag, two baby towels and a range of baby creams and lotions. That’s it!

It’s probably been made easier for me because I’ve been given so much stuff. I haven’t had to think about bassinettes, cots, clothes, change tables, baby baths etc. I’ve simply accepted them when offered and have been stacking them up in the nursery.

So buying things like towels and creams was relatively easily. They seemed so less personal than clothes so I had no connection to them. They were just “things”. But the thought of buying clothes was a whole different story. They were the things Sticky would wear. They were the things I would hold her in. Up until now, I just haven’t been able to bring myself to do it.

Why did it suddenly happen yesterday? I think it was a culmination of events. I went to Medicare at lunchtime but the line was too long. Just next to is was a shop so I thought I might as well go in and have a look. I saw they had some baby things on sale and thought I have enough summer clothes but I’ll need some winter clothes. I decided if they have some in the right size, I’d consider buying them. I came across the three suits that were the right size and on sale. I asked myself if I was ok with buying them and decided I was. To be honest, I loved the fact they had inbuilt mittens so that may have swayed me.

I walked out of the shop feeling quite proud of myself. I felt it was a good sign I was continuing to let go of the fear that has plagued me through the pregnancy.  I told my husband I had bought them as soon as I saw him. He said “Wow, that’s a big thing for you.” I said yes, with a smile on my face!

The funny thing is, Sticky won’t even wear these clothes until she’s about 5 or 6 months old. I’m ok with that. I’ve been given so many clothes that I don’t feel the need to get something for her to wear straight away. I’m very conscious of not being wasteful and not getting her things just for the sake of it. So, I’m happy with my purchase for two reasons - the clothes I bought were practical and needed, and the fact I could buy them means I’m making good progress. Actually, I think it’s the later reason I’m most happy about!   


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