Friday, 22 November 2013

Fabulous Friday

Happy Fabulous Friday all. It would be far too obvious for me to say what's fabulous about today is I'm not at work, so I'll got for a few other things instead!
What's fabulous about today is we have an official delivery date - 20 January! I saw Dr T. yesterday and he wrote it in his diary so that makes it official. It will be sometime in the morning and now he will book it in with the hospital and the anesthetist will contact me to lock it in. While I've guessed this date for quite a while now, it's now made it very real.

Dr T. was happy with how everything was going. He told me I'm not showing much because I'm taller and taller women tend to carry their babies towards their back. I told him lots of people keep telling me how small I am and he said "Just tell them to shut up." I so love him! 

He was also happy with my weight gain and the fact some weight is starting to come. He thinks I'll put on another 4 to 5 kilos by the time Sticky is born and that will put me right in the healthy range and where I was aiming for. While it seems weird to think I could put on 5 kilos in 8 weeks, I once put on 5 kilos in a 6 day trip to Fiji so at least this time I have a better excuse! 

He also told me she had her head down and was in a straight line. I thought she was lying across my belly but she is exactly where she's meant to be. He also said she still has plenty of room in there so I will keep feeling movement for at least another 4 weeks so that's good. So, overall, it was a good appointment and now we are back to our fortnightly appointments. I'm proud of myself for surviving the anxiety that came from shifting from the 2 week to 4 week appointments and it feels good to know we're now switching back 

The other fabulous thing about today is having my house cleaned. I did some shopping this morning, saw the counsellor and did the groceries so was out for nearly 4 hours. By the time I got home I was exhausted so knowing someone else was going to clean for me was fantastic! I'm so grateful I'm in a position to be able to have it done.

The one thing my first 2 days off has taught me is I need to do things in the morning so I can rest up in the afternoon. It's been a challenge not to do everything I need to do straight away so I'm learning to tackle the to-do list day by day. It's a good lesson to learn for when Sticky arrives!

Next week I'm off to look at child care centers and get her booked in. Again, it's another big milestone that keeps us moving forwards and I'm glad I'm excited about it. It feels like a lot of work and organizing but it's for the most excellent cause - the well being of my daughter!

Have a great weekend all!

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