Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Showered with baby love

I came home this afternoon to find a large package waiting outside our door. This was the amazing contents inside it!
I was expecting a present to arrive from two of my sister-in-laws so assumed it was from one of them. I was surprised to see it was actually from my Mother-in-law. She lives in a different state to us so we don't see her often so it was lovely to know she was thinking of us.

I felt quite overwhelmed by her generosity in what she sent us. The package included clothes, cot sheets, blankets, towels, books, bibs, hats, socks and even a little swimmers set. It was like a baby shower in a packet! 

As I unpacked it and looked at each little gorgeous thing, I suddenly felt Sticky moving. She had been rather quiet today so I assumed she was getting excited about seeing so many things that were just for her. She is an amazingly luckily little girl who has so many people love her and spoiling her with such things. And I must say, I'm quite excited to see her dressed in these beautiful outfits so I guess there's joy for us too!!

I am so grateful for the beautiful gifts I am receiving. I am so touched by people's thoughtfulness and care to shower us with such love. I guess it's not just Sticky who is lucky, as a family, we are lucky to have such love around us! 

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