Friday, 1 November 2013

Fabulous Friday

Happy fabulous Friday all! What's fabulous about today is breakthroughs and blood tests!

I had a great session with my counsellor today where we spoke about my meltdown the other morning. It turns out that it was all about my sub conscious releasing the trauma I had taken on from seeing an image on Google.
About 10 weeks ago, I was googling images of 20 week scans so I could see what I would see at my scan. In between all the scans was an image of a stillborn baby born at 20 weeks. I won't describe what it looked like but needless to say it was quite gruesome and once I saw it I wish I never had. I knew at the time it had impacted me but I didn't know just how much.
I know I've said this so many times, but DO NOT GOOGLE through your pregnancy. It's just not worth it. As I said, I've said it many times, and I haven't taken my own advice. So, given as I can't serve as a good example, let me serve as a horrible warning. It's caused me far more grief that I really didn't need. And it's true what they say, there is such a thing as information overload! If you're worried about something, or want some advice about something, ask your friends, your mother, aunt, sister, whoever! But get advice from someone who's been through it that you trust. Don't expose yourself to the negativity the Internet is brimming with!
The counsellor did a delete image process which was really helpful. Basically, it's taking an image and replacing it with something you know to be true. It was a great process and I came out feeling the happiest and lightest I've felt though the whole pregnancy.

So to the blood test - today's jabbing was for my gestational diabetes test. I had forgotten about it all week until I came across the form in my purse yesterday. Its very unlike me to forget about something I have to do for the pregnancy but its just been one of those weeks. 

It's pretty easy. You go, drink a bottle of stuff that tastes like flat lemonade, sit there for an hour then get a blood test. I went prepared with my iPad, book and magazine to entertain myself for an hour. It would have been nice if I could have gone across the road to the little French cafe and enjoyed a coffee and petit four but no, they don't let you go anywhere.
While this has probably been the most boring pregnancy test I've had, it's still something I celebrate for the pure fact I need to get it done. It means I'm 27 weeks, the pregnancy is going well and we need to see if I have any signs of diabetes. All of those are good things. I'm not expecting any negative results given my diet has been good but I'll fine out at the next obstetrician appointment.
To be honest, part of me is a little excited that this should also be the last needle I need until Sticky arrives. I've had so many blood tests and jabs that I'm very glad it's now all come to an end. I've become an expert at it now and don't really feel it anymore so I guess that's something to celebrate too. But, all those blood tests helped me to fall pregnant so I'm ok with being jabbed now.  I never thought I'd reach a stage where I was grateful and felt positive about blood tests but it turns out they are pretty fabulous things!

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