Friday, 7 March 2014

Fabulous Friday

Happy Fabulous Friday all. This has been a big week with all the 6 week milestones and starting Mother's group, but we've had lots of reaffirming outcomes that tell us we're doing great which has been the best outcome of all!
Monday was a hard day with Sticky and I getting our vaccinations. She recovered pretty quickly but my arm is still hurting. It's fine so long as I don't knock it or have any pressure on it, but clearly, I'm a delicate flower!

Tuesday we kept quiet so we could recover from the shots and Wednesday we had a lovely lunch with a friend from work and her 6 month old. It was the first play date Sticky had been awake for but she was more interested in her bottle than making friends.

Wednesday afternoon I got a call to say a position was available in one of the Mother's groups I had been trying to get into so our first meeting was yesterday. I didn't get there until late due to my chiro appointment but had the chance to meet the other Mums. There were 7 other ladies with 2 boys and the rest girls. The babies were all very quiet until they started to wake up so it looks like it will be a good group. I was relieved to see some of the women were around my age as I was worried I'd be in a group of 20 year olds! It was good to have a chat about common challenges and provide tips on things that were working so I'm very thankful I got into the group and am really looking forward to the next meeting.

Today has been a busy day, seeing the child Heath nurse, obstetrician and paediatrician. I was worried about what the nurse and paediatrician would say about breast and bottle feeding but they were both really happy with her weight gain and told me we were doing exactly what she needed. I felt very reassured that she was on track with her weight gain and growing strong. She now weighs 4 kilos and is 55cm long so it's a mighty fine effort for 6 weeks!

She does have cradle cap on her head and a particularly bad case in her eyebrows. I haven't been too worried about it until recently as now her skin is starting to get into her eyes. I know it doesn't bother her but the paediatrician said it was quite an extreme case. He recommended using a mild steroid cream to get rid of it which we are going to do. Normally, I wouldn't worry about it but I don't want to run the risk of her eyes becoming infected.

The obstetrician was happy with my progress. The wound has healed and the swelling has all gone down so I'm right as rain. I did ask how long it would take for my tummy to go down and he said it would depend on how much exercise I was doing. I'm trying to get back out walking and we had our first successful walk yesterday so I'm enormously glad about that. Basically, I just have to feed her until she's about to burst to keep her full enough for a 40 minute walk!

He also told us we would need to wait 9 months before falling pregnant again as you need 18 months to recover from a cesar. I'm not thinking about another one at this stage, but given I'm 40 next year, I won't have too long to decide. At least we know we have a timeframe to work within so we'll see how we feel in a few months.

So, it was a great week that ended with the news that we're both well and thriving. I love that word "thriving". As a new mother you can feel like you're drowning sometimes and constantly question whether you're doing the right thing. Today's outcomes validated my instincts and reassured me I'm doing exactly what works for us. As a result, we are thriving and that's all I could ask for. Yay us!

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