Friday, 14 March 2014

Fabulous Friday

Happy Fabulous Friday. What's fabulous about today is gratitude and everything I have to be so thankful for.
Firstly, it looks like Sticky is over the hump of Wonder Week, sleeping 8 hours straight the past two nights. She's sleeping 8:30 to 5am and this morning I had to wake her to feed because my boobs felt like they would explode! This means I'm getting a solid 7 hours sleep which makes all the difference to my mental state! While the first few days of this week were tough, I'm grateful she went through them because it means she is growing and developing the way she's meant to.

I'm also grateful for how wonderful my husband is with her. At Mother's group yesterday, some of the women were talking about their husbands. One woman was saying her husband hands the baby back after 10 minutes if it doesn't settle and keeps giving him baby panadol to calm him. So much so she has to hide the panadol! I'm so grateful my husband is so eager to be a hands on Dad and spend time with his daughter and support me. It can take us anywhere between 1 to 3 hours to settle Sticky at night but we take turns and one of us will eventually succeed. It's called joint parenting.

What I'm most grateful for is I have a happy and healthy baby. I love watching her and seeing her grow and change. She's becoming more and more of a character every day and I love seeing bits of her personality slowly reveal themselves. I can tell we're starting to really bond as mother and daughter. I catch her stealing sneaky glances towards me, seeking reassurance when others are holding her. Now, I just have to respond by smiling at her and meeting her glance and she will relax. She doesn't let me out of her sight and I try to make sure I stay in it for her. 

This week, I started doing her morning feed in bed, just because I've got too lazy to get out of bed. After the feed, we just lay in bed for a cuddle. She lies on her side, and I either stroke her face or rub her back. Sometimes I'll get a big smile, a little sigh or just a gaze into my eyes. It's become such a special time for me that I think I'm going to make being lazy a part of our new daily routine. Who knew allowing yourself one lazy Mother moment could pay such dividends! 

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