Monday, 10 March 2014

Welcome to Wonder Week #2

Somewhere between 5am and 7pm on Saturday, Sticky leapt head first into her second Wonder Week. And boy did she do it in style - acting like a new born baby for the very first time!

I woke up Saturday morning feeling quite refreshed. Sticky had slept from 9pm to 5am straight and I thought I was the luckiest woman in the world! I felt quietly hopeful we had established a good sleeping pattern as she was sleeping these hours quite regularly with the occasional wake up for a feed on some nights. She had other plans.

She was her normal self on Saturday. My parents stayed Saturday night and she got lots of grandparent cuddles, however it was the first time I noticed she looked a little uneasy being held by other people. She was happy to be held by them but kept her eyes on me or my husband the whole time. I realised the attachment phase was starting.

That night, we went through our normal bedtime routine - try to put her down at 7pm and managed to get her down at 9pm. She woke up hungry at 11pm just as we were going to bed which my husband and I both commented was very strange. I fed her and went to sleep and that was the end of my peaceful night. She woke up every two hours starving and I realised Wonder Week was upon us.

It was the first time she had woken every two hours to be fed since she was born. Needless to say I was a wreck yesterday. It made me grateful she had been such a good sleeper and feel for all my friends who had experienced this night for many months if not longer.

I wasn't surprised it was the next Wonder Week as I had been noticing some changes over the past week. She has been much more alert, smiling more, more engaged with her toys, talking more and eating much more. I knew her next big milestones were coming.

My husband, in his IT mindset, explains these Wonder Weeks as parts of her brain coming online and that's exactly what it is. You can actually see it sometimes - when she realises she's just hit the toy on her bouncer or I poke my tongue out after she does. She gets this look on her face like a little light bulb has just gone off and she's realised something new.

Wonder Week #2 can last from 1 to 2 weeks so I'm preparing myself. Last night was different because I didn't get her down until 11pm and then she woke up at 1am and 5 am. Spending 4 hours to get her to sleep is just as exhausting as waking up in the night. But, I just accept she's going to be out of sorts this week.

As I type this, I'm listening to her babble in her bassinet. I've been trying to get her to sleep for an hour now and no luck. Yesterday she was so exhausted she slept for 4 hours but today she clearly has other plans. Oh well, I'll get her up and head to the shops for a much needed coffee!

While these Wonder Weeks are hard, I do relish them. I can see her changing and growing in front of me and each new thing she learns is another part of the puzzle that will eventually make the person she will become. She is becoming a real little person now and is already such a different baby to the one I first held 7weeks ago. They change so quickly and time goes by so quickly. I'm glad I have the foresight to really sit and watch it happen because if I blinked, I'd miss it. 

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