Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Showered with love

I came home yesterday to find 3 packages waiting for me. I was overwhelmed by the collection of goodies that had been sent for Sticky.

This is what was waiting for me - I particularly love the tutu and sunglasses! One package had even come all the way from Switzerland and included 3 bars of Swiss chocolate! I so love that friend.

I feel so very blessed to have such generous and thoughtful family and friends. I'm so touched by how happy everyone is for us. I guess they want to celebrate with us because they know how hard our journey has been. That love and support played such an important role in getting me through the past 18 months and it will continue to do so as I raise my daughter.

I was particularly touched by a card a dear friend sent to Sticky. In it, she said "May you chase as many butterflies and explore the world to find out its amazing, beautiful mysteries. Grow strong, brave and enjoy all the laughter, joy and love life will bring." I cannot think of a more appropriate and meaningful sentiment and will do my best as a Mother to ensure she achieves that. 

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