Monday, 31 March 2014

10 weeks

Sticky turned 10 weeks old yesterday. She seemed pretty happy with her achievement!
It seems in the last week she made the leap from newborn to baby. There's a big difference and it's become very clear to me. All of a sudden she is smiling more, talking more and yesterday, she rolled onto her side for the first time! My little munchkin is growing up so quickly.

This weekend has been a real test for her and she passed with flying colours. My grandmother has only been given a few days to weeks to live so we've come to my parents place so my grandmother and Sticky can spend time together. This has been our first trip away from home.

It took me a few days to prepare, thinking of everything I needed to bring and doing all the washing and packing. It's been made harder by the fact I don't know how long we'll be here for.

It's an hour drive from home so that was the longest she's ever been in the car - she slept the whole way. It's her first time sleeping in the porta-cot - she sleeps through the night. It's her first time of being out all day and being lugged from place to place - she's loving the excitement of so many new faces and people. Quite simply, she's a superstar!

So many baby's would struggle with all the changes I've had to put her through in the past few days but she's thriving. I am so blessed to have such an easy going baby as it's made a difficult time so much easier to deal with.

I've also noticed how excited people get when they see her. While my family are in the depths of their grief, everyone perks up and gets a smile on their face when they see her. She has been a true elixir for everyone and I'm glad she can play that role. But honestly, if you saw a baby crack that smile at you, your heart would feel pretty lifted too!

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