Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Post shot blues

Both Sticky and I are suffering the post-shot blues, feeling a little sad and sorry for ourselves. My arm is hurting from my shot so I can only imagine what pain she must be in. 
Yesterday was a tough day. Not overwhelming tough, but just a bit harder than normal. Sticky was very unsettled and wouldn't sleep in the bassinet so I put her into the bouncer so she could be near me. Given she was clearly in pain, I figured she could do whatever made her happy and allowed her to sleep so she slept there all day.

Despite feeling unwell,she had a ferocious appetite. When she wasn't sleeping, she was eating! I managed to do most feeds without giving her a bottle so I was surprised by that, but as a result, she seemed to be starvingly hungry by the evening. I fed her for 30 mins then she wolfed down 130ml of formula. It must have been hard for her because she also had an upset tummy so could only drink in short bursts.

This also made it difficult to settle her down and after 3 hours of trying, I had to feed her again. I've clued onto the fact that she likes to settle on the boob when she's really upset. I can't say I'm all for it but after a 3 hour struggle, I go with whatever works!

I finally got her asleep at 10:30pm and climbed into bed feeling rather exhausted myself. She did well and slept through to 4am when I got her up and gave her a short feed. She then went back to sleep until I woke her at 7:30am to try and feed her which was futile so I put her back to bed. She seems very tiered today so I'm not sure what mood she'll be in but I hope she's feeling a bit better. This has been an interesting experience and I'm glad we now have a few months before we have to go through it again!

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