Monday, 19 May 2014

A brave bubba

Sticky had her second round of vaccinations today.  Her ignorance was bliss. I wish I had some too!
Today was different to last time because we went to a vaccination clinic rather than the GP. Foolishly, I didn't think about what that truly meant. It was made clear the minute we walked in and I heard all the screams. It was painful to sit and listen to it. 

Sticky was fine because she had no idea what it all meant. However, the little 3 year old sitting next to us became more scared with each wail. No talk of dinosaurs or elephants was calming his nerves!

I was worried we would have a repeat of last time when she lost her breath and went red in the face. That image will forever be burnt into my memory. This time was actually much better. She screamed with the two jabs but stopped about 2 minutes later after some cuddles and jiggling about. As we sat and waited afterwards, she just went to sleep. 

She's been fine this afternoon - her normal, smiley herself. She's eaten well and is happy to play. The true test will come tomorrow as the day after was when she was off colour last time.

It was a good reminder to me that situations aren't always going to be as bad as what we think they might be. I was proud of myself for not crying, despite the tears welling up. However, I was mostly proud of my daughter. She doesn't know how brave she was but she was an absolute trooper. I'll remember that when we go back in another 2 months!

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