Monday, 5 May 2014

Wonder Week #4

My Wonder Week book says each Wonder Week gets more intense than the last and they are spot on. Sticky is in the middle of one and it's been brutal.

Given this is her 4th Wonder Week, I know the signs. I can tell immediately what's happening which is a blessing. They literally hit over night and she goes to bed one way and wakes up another.

This one hit on Friday. She was her normal happy self but couldn't sleep. She had three, 20 minute car naps all day. Needless to say she passed out at 7pm from sheer exhaustion. On Saturday, she became clingy and had her normal metabolism change. I went out to lunch with friends and left her at home with Dad. She burst into tears shortly after I left, had some brief naps, and cried for no apparent reason. This is very unlike her. 

Then, for total fun and games, her sleep problems continued and we haven't been able to get her down to sleep until 11pm. This becomes rather exhausting because we start the process at 7pm! Alas one of the conditions of her metabolism change is she isn't hungry in the mornings and isn't interested in food until the afternoon. She becomes ravenous and will smash down a days worth of food in a few hours. This often gives her bad wind and that's what happened last night.

When she gets like that, there's nothing we can do. We tried changing her, feeding her, cuddling her and patting her. Everything we could to get the burps out. She was screaming in pain which is so distressing to see. Eventually, walking around with her over my husband's shoulder did the trick. She was finally out. However, this didn't stop her stirring at 5am for her feed!

The trickle effect of this is I can't get her up at her normal time because she's too exhausted. I normally get her up at 8am but let her sleep until 8:45 and I only got her up because I had a doctor's appointment to get to. It's days like these where routine goes out the door and you just have to respond to what's happening for them. The previous ones have only lasted 3 to 4 days and I'm hoping this one will be the same. Here's hoping my sleepy little bunny is back to her fine self tomorrow! 

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