Friday, 2 May 2014

Fabulous Friday

Happy Fabulous Friday! What's fabulous about today is moments of pure joy!
This morning I was doing tummy time with Sticky. She's getting much better at it and is now lifting her head all the way up. Today, she lifted it higher than she has before and all of a sudden rolled onto her back for the first time. 

The look of surprise on her face was hysterical and I burst out laughing. She looked at me with this puzzled look on her face and then started laughing too. I'm not sure if she thought I was being funny or she was just laughing because I was, but it was our first laugh together.

I am so blessed to be able to experience moments like this. I cannot tell you how much they lift my soul and put a spring in my step. And I love them even more when they are totally spontaneous like that. Life is full of so many staged moments that we forget how precious instant moments can be.

I know these moments will be few and far between so I make sure I capture myself in them to commit them to memory. That way, I can recall them when I need a boost. I find having a little store of cherished moments a powerful drug when I need a lift!

So wherever you are today, I hope you have a spontaneous moment of joy sprung upon you. Make sure you're paying attention so you don't miss it when it happens!

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