Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The power of little fingers

All of a sudden, Sticky has opened her little fists and is now grabbing everything. While I'm very glad to see this development, I'm not so happy to be the victim of it!

I've been working very hard with Sticky over the past few weeks to encourage her to open her fists. I've been handing her different size objects to hold, getting her to grip my fingers and singing lots of songs with hand movements in the hope she'd try to copy me. It's finally paid off!

She's now grabbing and holding onto a rattle, shaking a toy and trying to rip off the tail of her Tiger toy. But, it seems her new favourite thing is pinching my neck and today, for the first time, she pulled my hair! 

The neck thing has been going on for a few days. When I hold her, she just grabs my skin between her little fingers and pulls it. Luckily, I don't have too much of a flabby neck at this point but it hurts none the less. The problem is, she's lightening fast and of course I can't see where her hands are moving so I don't know I'm the target until I feel it. The same with the hair!

The other problem is she doesn't yet understand the meaning of the word no. So I have to say "don't pinch Mummy's neck" while I try and undo her vice-like grip on me. Seriously, how is it possible a 4 month old's hands can wield such a force? And, just to make things more interesting, I'm struggling to keep up with her constantly growing finger nails so she leaves me a few scratches in the attack too!

I'm hoping it's just a grabby phase that won't last too long. If it does, I might have to invest in a neck warmer and a hair net for protection! In the meantime, I'm trying to remind myself that it's good we are making process and trying to convince myself that a bit of pain is just one of the many sacrifices a good Mother makes. I clearly need lots more convincing! 

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