Monday, 14 July 2014

Beware of little fingers

Over the weekend, Sticky took a big leap with her sensory development. She now wants to grab everything and her new favourite is noses! My husband and I are now sporting little scratches thanks to pinching baby fingers!

It's so funny to see Sticky totally mesmerised by our faces. She now loves lying next to us and just touching all the parts of our face. She pokes and prods to see how all the different parts feel. Then, she grabs the nose and pulls tight and pain ensues. We are now teaching her about being gentle!

My husband suffers worse than me because he wear glasses. She now goes for them straight away and he has to continually wipe little finger prints off them! Luckily we stocked up on lens cleaner!

She has also become fascinated with the feel of different material. She loves playing with my clothes, wrapping her finger in some material or just rubbing it. If she can hold different materials of different thickness at the same time, she's in heaven. She gets such a look of concentration on her face, trying to figure out the difference. She's learning about textures, weight and feel and I can see the little cogs turning over, trying to make sense of it.

Her fine motor skills are progressing so quickly that I can no longer wear necklaces or dangly earrings. Her movements are lightening fast so after a near choking accident, I said goodbye to those adornments. It wasn't worth the risk!

So now, I have to work hard to keep these little fingers busy. I'm trying to give her lots of different things to feel and play with. Luckily, we had a family BBQ for her 6 month birthday yesterday and she got lots of new toys. Perfect for enquiring digits!

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