Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The healing power of babies

I took Sticky back to swimming today at our local pool. As the only baby there, I could never have imagined the impact she would have!

I decided to try out our local pool as it has an indoor heated pool. I hoped it meant it would be warmer than the previous pool. It was much better!

We went at rehabilitation time, I had no idea what that meant but it became obvious as soon as we walked in. The heated pool is in fact used for rehabilitation! There was some older ladies doing floating activities, some mentally disabled men and a pregnant woman with cancer. It was quite confronting to see all of these people in their various states of physical health.

The interesting thing was that every one of them smiled as soon as they saw Sticky. And of course, when she looked at them, with her twinkling blue eyes and cheeky grin, it was like a shot of medicine. I could see how animated they became. She was a tonic for them all! One woman cried "She smiled right at me." It was like all of her Christmases had come at once.

I particularly felt for the pregnant woman. What a battle she must be going through. She looked at me and gave me a smile. I knew that smile - it's the one a pregnant woman gives a woman with a baby when she's been through a tough journey. It says I'm so happy to see you enjoying your child. I can't wait to experience that myself. God, I hope this baby I'm carrying makes it. It's amazing how much emotion one smile can contain.

I'm quite happy that Sticky and I will share our swims with this group of people. I'm keen to show her that there's all walks of people in life and to teach her acceptance of people's different capabilities. And, if seeing her brings a bit of joy into their difficult lives, well that's just an added bonus!

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