Thursday, 31 July 2014

Wonder Week #5 Part 2

As with the start of Wonder Week 5  the second part sprung up on me but it's making it's presence felt!

These Wonder Weeks are becoming trickier to notice as they happen with so many other things. This week, we've had needles and teething so just those facts are enough to warrant a shift in behavior. However, there is always one tell tale sign it's a Wonder Week and that's the sudden onset of a new skill.

The last 2 nights have been brutal and I just put it down to her needles and her tooth coming through. Last night, she woke up at 9:15pm and we didn't get her back down until nearly 1am. It was horrible because everytime we tried to lay her down she would scream hysterically which is very unlike her. Eventually, I had to pull out my big mummy voice and say enough and finally managed to her her to sleep. Mind you, I think it was more likely her collapsing in exhaustion than listening to me!

I've had a terrible sleep the past 2 nights. The only way we've been able to calm her down is to bring her in bed with us. Both my husband and I are never comfortable with her sleeping with us as we're both paranoid we're going to roll onto her. Of course it never happens but we both toss and turn worrying about it. 

It wasn't until this morning that I remembered the second part of this Wonder Week was due. And suddenly, I recognized all of her new skills. In the past few days she's started pushing up onto her knees, raising herself from her back into a sitting position, holding something in each hand at the same time and reaching behind her head. Quite a lot for a little person to start to master! No wonder she doesn't want to sleep!

So we have no choice but to wait it out. At least she's in a good mood during the day but she's starting to resist her day naps too so exhaustion is catching up with me. There isn't much down time at the moment so I'm on the look out for things to keep her mind active and hopefully challenge her enough to exhaust her. She's become very interested in abacus so I'll be off to find one of those. Here's hoping she spends so much brain energy working it out it lulls her into a deep sleep. A Mummy can live in hope!w

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